Forez SA4274

International ID: FR1933489243
Date of Birth: 01 Jan 2010
  •  Forez was Champion at SPACE show in Rennes 2012
  •  His Dam Beguine was Simagena Paris show Interbreed Champion 2013
  •  His Sire Numero is a well proven COWMAKER in France. He adds extra conformation and easy felshing to his progeny
  •  Forez is transmitting plenty Milk to his progeny +8.1 kg Milk
  •  Females are deep bodied Powerful cows with top lines to compete with continental cattle
  •  He is 5 Star Terminal €125, 5 star for both carcass weight and carcass conformation
  •  Progeny are extreemly docile and easy to work with
  •  He is crossing very well with Simmental, Charolais and Limousin cows
  •  Daughters inspected in France and the UK are very impressive 

Sire: Numero



Dam: Beguine (Fr13)



ICBF Proof


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