Mereside Favori FZF

International ID: LIMGBRM201316101308
Date of Birth: 20-SEP-2010

* Semen Royalty Sire

  • Producing top quality replacement females
  • Daughters  +0.6kg Milk and great pelvic development - great cows to calve
  • Urville x On-Dit x Dauphin bloodlines  - 3 generations of proven maternal breeding
  • Bull calves have both growth and conformation
  • Crossing exceptionally well on Belgian Blue and Charolais X cows
  • His Dam Asie was a superb Milker


Sire: Urville

Oxane 142


Dam: Asie


ICBF Proof



Exmoor Galaxy LM5205

International ID: LIMGBRM360688500184
Date of Birth: 08/05/2011
  • Chytodden Conan (Objat) x Wilodge Tonka x Sympa
  • 2.5% calving difficulty - Proven easy calving on dairy cows and beef maiden heifers over a 5 year period
  • €163 Terminal, 5 Stars - 5 Star docility, 5 Star carcass Conformation, 4 Star carcass weight
  • 3 generations of proven AI Sires in pedigree
  • Suitable for beef maiden heifers, suckler cows and dairy cows
  • Galaxy will produce good females as both his sire and grand sire are noted female producers

Sire: Chytodden Conan - S937

Objat - Jaj

Montgomery Ona

Dam: Exmoor Dinky

Wilodge Tonka - Wta

Exmoor Tango

ICBF Proof


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