Clenagh Lyle ET CH4634

International ID: CHAIRLM131188130490
Date of Birth: 03-OCT-15

*Semen Royalty Sire

  •  Superb carcass shape, weight gain and natural fleshing 
  •  Domino son off a great Pirate cow Clenagh Tranquil
  •  Burradon Rhinestone a Lyle son sold for 17,000 Guineas at Stirling Bull Sales Feb '22
  •  Burradon Olaf a Lyle son sold for 10,000 Guineas at Stirling Bull Sales Feb '20
  •  Clenagh Orion his daughter won the Overall Female Championship at the Irish Charolais Premier in Elphin March '20 and topped the heifer trade at €6100
  •  Producing great pedigree cattle, weanlings and factory stock
  •  Lyle was the top priced bull 13,000 and Junior Champion @ Christmas Cracker ‘16. He stands as Senior Herd sire at the Burradon herd in the UK


Sire: Domino



Dam: Clenagh Tranquil

Clenagh Janice

ICBF Proof



Sportsmans Neptune CH5196

International ID: UK183463300464
Date of Birth: 30 Jan 2017

* Semen Royalty Sire

  •  Overall Champion Carlisle May 2018
  •  Son of the 70,000 Guineas Barnsford Ferny
  •  Dam Sportsmans Heartbeat is a daughter of the 45,000 Guineas Maerdy Express
  •  Sportsmans Maisie his 3/4 sister off same cowline was the Supreme Interbreed Champion at the Great Yorkshire show summer 2018
  •  Neptune will produce COWMAKERS! 
  •  Outcross bloodlines for breeders
  •  Mature cows only
  •  Myostatin: F94L-1 Profit Gene
  •  Great structure, power and Charolais characteristics
  •  Trait leader for Milk and weight gain in the UK
  •  5 Star milk +4.7 Kg on ICBF
  •  The bull in the YouTube clip is his maternal grandfather the great Maerdy Express 

Sire: Barnsford Ferny

Balmyle Bollinger

Alwent Broom

Dam: Sportsmans Heartbeat

Maerdy Express

Sportsmans Abigail

ICBF Proof



Balthayock Musketeer S3625

International ID: CHAGBRM542626503511
Date of Birth: 04-MAY-2016
  • Figures Figures Figures
  • Replacement €171  5 Star
  • Terminal €170 5 Star
  • Milk +15.9 Kg, Top 1% within the Charolais breed
  • 7% Calving on Beef Cows
  • Balthayock Impression x Balthayock Valentine x Balthayock Temeirare
  • Musketeer is breeding cattle with great topline and hind end development, great Charolais Characteristics of head and hair plus he's a very easy fleshing bull
  • Outcross genetics
  • Semen Royalty Sire

Sire: Balthayock Impression

Swalesmoor Cracker

Balthayock Unwary

Dam: Balthayock Emily

Balthayock Valentine

Balthayock Bubbles

ICBF Proof



Corrie Alan CZL

International ID: CHAGBRM00MBM0021804
Date of Birth: 27-05-05
  •  Purchased for 19,000 Guineas Perth Oct 2006
  •  He is an outstanding Oldstone Egbert son off a great cowline from Archie MacGregors Allanfauld herd
  •  His top 9 bulls have averaged 11,444 Guineas through Perth & Stirling  
  •  Top price of 16,000 Guineas for Woodpark Flashman
  •  One of his sons the 11,000 Guinea Woodpark Elgin has bred the Overall Charolais Champion in Balmoral 2019, Elgin Nancy
  •  A son of Woodpark Elgin, Elgin Oliver made the third top price of 15,000 Guineas in Stirling this February 2020
  •  7.7% Calving difficulty ICBF Jan 2020
  •  He works best on thick muscely females 
  •  Terminal €133
  •  If you want to inject a bit of Power and style into your herd, Corrie Alan is your bull
  •  He breeds both good female and male cattle, a rarity in todays market 

Sire: Oldstone Egbert S124

Brampton Banker

Oldstone Ursula

Dam: Corrie Lisa

Corrie Highlander

Allanfauld Avril

ICBF Proof



International ID:
Date of Birth:



ICBF Proof



Kinnard Ronaldo Et CH8742

International ID: 372223933380260
Date of Birth: 03 Oct '20
  • Outstanding son of Goldstar Echo 
  • 5 Star Terminal €184 ICBF July '23
  • 5.2% calving on Beef cows
  • Great topline, square plates, superb third quarter hind end development and Charolais head
  • Ronaldo's mothers full sister Sagesse Florienne sold for €14,200 to the O Kane Brothers, Northern Ireland
  • Goldstar Echo (Texan GIE x CF52), Oldstone Egbert x Sagesse Brillante bloodlines
  • Maternal grand dam Brilliante has sold over €100,000 worth of progeny
  • Ronaldo is breeding the X factor 

Sire: Goldstar Echo (Ghx)

Texan Gie (Txg)

Sheehills Ula

Dam: Sagesse Jessica

Oldstone Egbert (S124)


ICBF Proof


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