Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Dillon New Holland AA4442

International ID: AANIRLM219727620329
Date of Birth: 04-DEC-2016
  • Super back end, topline and square plates
  • Great Angus head, style and natural fleshing
  • Drumdeevin Dancer son, Coney Island Legend and Netherton Figo bloodlines
  • First crop of calves look very encouraging
  • Commercial bull calf off a continental first calver recently sold in Castlerea mart, 320kg €830

Roose Ulah

Sire: Drumdeevin Dancer

Drumdeevin Tracy

Coney Island Legend

Dam: Dillon Janelle

Breaffy Princess Fabulous

ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Fordel Lockdown P827 AA5094

International ID: AANGBRM542511503827
Date of Birth: 11/04/2014
  • Lockdown is a son of the great Stockman 365 from the top American donor cow Champion Hill Lucy 6863 ET
  • Outcross bloodlines. Stockman 365 x SAV Net Worth 4200 x Sitz Traveller 8180
  • He is a proven Aberdeen Angus bull in the UK
  • 5 Star Replacement €171 and 5 Star Terminal €89 
  • Easy Calving 33-38 Kg pure bred calves. 2.9% calving difficulty on beef cows, 5.2% on beef heifers 
  • Conformation and Easy Fleshing
  • Milk +17.1Kg 5 Star - Top 1% within Angus breed
  • Lockdown is a real breeders bull. He will produce super females with great milk, fertility and easy fleshing whilst also maintaining Angus breed character



Sire: TC Stockman 365

TC Stockman

TC Pride 0014

Dam: Champion Hill Lucy 6863 Et

Sav Net Worth 4200

Champion Hill Lucy 3062

ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Drumcrow Reeko S3670

International ID: 372216633150735
Date of Birth: 03 June '18
  • Exciting son of Drumcrow Joker. Purchased at the Elite Irish Angus Sale '19
  • Exceptional bull with power, length, style, superb topline, great head and Aberdeen Angus breed character
  • Bloodlines include Cartron-Roe Ansley, Cashelane Lord Jeremy, Lissard Mark, Friarstown Ideal Pete, Tivanagh Baron, Robbie 3rd of Milltown and going back to Drumcrow's foundation cow Pettra of Breaffy
  • Reeko's sire Joker has topped the Show and Sales Ring in Carrick on Shannon and Kilkenny for the last six years
  • Joker consistently delivers easy calving, easy fleshing cattle that perform well off forage 
  • Reeko's mother Drumcrow Missi is one of the top performing cows in the herd and is a superb Milker. She goes back to a cowline that includes Drumcrow Jita and Drumcrow Senorita
  • 5 Star Terminal €114, 5 Star Replacement €128, 5 Star Dairy Beef Index €118

Sire: Dromcrow Joker

Cartron Roe Ansley

Drumcrow Gabby

Dam: Drumcrow Missi

Friarstown Ideal Pete K202

Drumcrow Berina

ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

ONeills Black Bardolier S3747

International ID: 18192530US41
Date of Birth: 15 Jan '15
  • Black Bardolier is the heaviest muscled bull ever raised at O'Neill Angus Farm, Iowa, USA
  • The bull combines phenotype and strong growth EPD's. Progeny are easily fleshed and daughters are very milky
  • Bardolier's USA and UK figures are off the charts
  • Bardolier's Dam was the High selling cow in the ONeills 2016 sale at $34,000
  • Every cow behind this bull has a perfect udder and feet
  • Calving ease sire! Average birth weight of Autumn calves in the USA 31-34 Kg
  • Black Bardolier has an extra rib in length
  • Progeny at Graeme Massie's, Blelack Farms, Scotland are the best group of calves from birth to young cows

Sire: Oneills Frontierman

SAV Pioneer 7301

ONeills Lady Elaine

Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 90 Et

ONeills Expedition

ONeills Royal Lady 40

ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Hw Evander S051 AA8124

International ID: AANGBRM546977101051
Date of Birth: 05 Feb '16
  • Evander is a soft fleshing bull with huge performance figures and offers an outcross to pedigree breeders
  • Evander is a son of the $275,000 SAV Harvestor 0338 and off a SAV Elba cowline
  • Medium sized bull, works best on bigger framed cows 
  • Proven easy calving on heifers at HW Netherton Farm in Scotland where he runs as a stock bull. 1.9% calving difficulty on beef cows and 2.8% on beef heifers  -  ICBF May '22
  • Huge MILK improver 5 Star +11Kg
  • 5 Star Terminal €91, 5 Star Dairy Beef Index €100, 4 Star Replacement €123

Sire: Sav Harvestor 0338

Sav Heritage 6295

Sav Emblynette 7749

Dam: Sav Elba 1407 Et

Rito 707 Of Ideal 3407 7075

Sav Elba 1094

ICBF Proof


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