Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Drumcrow Reeko S3670

International ID: 372216633150735
Date of Birth: 03 June '18
  • Exciting son of Drumcrow Joker. Purchased at the Elite Irish Angus Sale '19
  • Exceptional bull with power, length, style, superb topline, great head and Aberdeen Angus breed character
  • Bloodlines include Cartron-Roe Ansley, Cashelane Lord Jeremy, Lissard Mark, Friarstown Ideal Pete, Tivanagh Baron, Robbie 3rd of Milltown and going back to Drumcrow's foundation cow Pettra of Breaffy
  • Reeko's sire Joker has topped the Show and Sales Ring in Carrick on Shannon and Kilkenny for the last six years
  • Joker consistently delivers easy calving, easy fleshing cattle that perform well off forage 
  • Reeko's mother Drumcrow Missi is one of the top performing cows in the herd and is a superb Milker. She goes back to a cowline that includes Drumcrow Jita and Drumcrow Senorita

Sire: Dromcrow Joker

Cartron Roe Ansley

Drumcrow Gabby

Dam: Drumcrow Missi

Friarstown Ideal Pete K202

Drumcrow Berina

ICBF Proof



Forez SA4274

International ID: FR1933489243
Date of Birth: 01 Jan 2010
  •  Forez was Champion at SPACE show in Rennes 2012
  •  His Dam Beguine was Simagena Paris show Interbreed Champion 2013
  •  His Sire Numero is a well proven COWMAKER in France. He adds extra conformation and easy felshing to his progeny
  •  Forez is transmitting plenty Milk to his progeny +8.1 kg Milk
  •  Females are deep bodied Powerful cows with top lines to compete with continental cattle
  •  He is 5 Star Terminal €125, 5 star for both carcass weight and carcass conformation
  •  Progeny are extreemly docile and easy to work with
  •  He is crossing very well with Simmental, Charolais and Limousin cows
  •  Daughters inspected in France and the UK are very impressive 

Sire: Numero



Dam: Beguine (Fr13)



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Welfenprinz S3581

International ID: BDB000946396959
Date of Birth: 26 Aug 2011
  •  German Milk Recorded Data below:
  •  +265 kg Milk
  •  +19 kg Fat +0.11%
  •  +14 kg Protein +0.06%
  •  Welfenprinz is a strong robust framed bull with good legs, feet and udder traits
  •  His Dam Resi was Milk Recorded Oct '19 giving over 100,000 Kg Milk and still milking 
  •  Watnox x Rau x Safir bloodlines
  •  Good bull to add strangth to a framey mature Holstein cow
  •  The YouTube clip demonstrates the type of first cross that is achieved when crossing Fleckvieh x Holstein Fr

Sire: Watnox



Dam: Resi



ICBF Proof



Wildfire S3583

International ID: BDB000947298224
Date of Birth: 26 Jul 2012
  •  German Milk Recorded data below:
  •  +474 kg Milk
  •  +20 kg Fat +0.01%
  •  +23 kg Protein +0.09%
  •  The bull in the photo is the great Waldbrand, sire of Wildfire. A breed great over the last 20 years in Germany
  •  Wildfire is breeding good Dairy type heifers and cows
  •  Waldbrand x Mal x Weinold bloodlines
  •  The cow in the YouTube is not related to Wildfire but again is shown as an example of Bayern Genetik females

Sire: Waldbrand

Winnipeg Fh2


Dam: Anna



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Hainau S3582

International ID: BDB000948660041
Date of Birth: 07 Jan 2014
  •  The Fleckvieh Range in BullBank have been selected from over 200 bulls in stud at Bayern Genetik, Bavaria, Germany
  •  Bayern Genetik are specialists in Fleckvieh breeding for decades on the Continent
  •  Figures below are all German Milk Recorded data:
  •  +883 kg Milk
  •  +40 kg Fat +0.05%
  •  +31 kg Protein 
  •  Hainau is classified as being very strong on legs, feet, udders and teat placement
  •  One of the most exciting bulls in Germany at the moment
  •  Hutera x Gabalot x Dionis bloodlines
  •  The Cow in the YouTube clip is not related to Hainau. It is included to show people the Production potential and type that can be achieved with Fleckvieh cows through the Bayern Genetik breeding program 

Sire: Hutera



Dam: Betty



ICBF Proof



Clenagh Lyle ET CH4634

International ID: CHAIRLM131188130490
Date of Birth: 03-OCT-15

*Semen Royalty Sire

  •  Superb carcass shape, weight gain and natural fleshing
  •  Terminal €169  -  5 Star  -  Top 1% of Charolais breed
  •  7.9% Calving Difficulty on Suckler cows - ICBF Jul 2020 
  •  Domino son off a great Pirate cow Clenagh Tranquil
  •  Burradon Olaf a Lyle son sold for 10,000 Guineas at Stirling Bull Sales, Scotland February 2020
  •  Lyle sons through Stirling now average 8,100 Guineas
  •  Clenagh Orion his daughter won the Overall Female Championship at the Irish Charolais Premier in Elphin March 2020 and topped the heifer trade at €6100
  •  Producing great pedigree cattle, weanlings and factory stock
  •  First crop of commercial calves look exceptional  -  photos available on request
  •  Lyle was the top priced bull 13,000 and Junior Champion @ Christmas Cracker ‘16. He stands as Senior Herd sire at the Burradon herd in the UK


Sire: Domino



Dam: Clenagh Tranquil

Clenagh Janice

ICBF Proof



Mereside Favori FZF

International ID: LIMGBRM201316101308
Date of Birth: 20-SEP-2010

* Semen Royalty Sire

  • Producing top quality replacement females
  • Daughters  +0.6kg Milk and great pelvic development - great cows to calve
  • Urville x On-Dit x Dauphin bloodlines  - 3 generations of proven maternal breeding
  • Bull calves have both growth and conformation
  • Crossing exceptionally well on Belgian Blue and Charolais X cows
  • His Dam Asie was a superb Milker


Sire: Urville

Oxane 142


Dam: Asie


ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Dillon New Holland AA4442

International ID: AANIRLM219727620329
Date of Birth: 04-DEC-2016
  • Super back end, topline and square plates
  • Great Angus head, style and natural fleshing
  • Drumdeevin Dancer son, Coney Island Legend and Netherton Figo bloodlines
  • First crop of calves look very encouraging
  • Commercial bull calf off a continental first calver recently sold in Castlerea mart, 320kg €830

Roose Ulah

Sire: Drumdeevin Dancer

Drumdeevin Tracy

Coney Island Legend

Dam: Dillon Janelle

Breaffy Princess Fabulous

ICBF Proof



Langalbuinoch Highlander SH4334

International ID: MSHGBRM581297301485
Date of Birth: 03-Apr-2014
  • Cow Maker
  • Reserve Intermediate Champion Stirling 2016
  • Plenty frame, lovely colour markings and natural fleshing
  • Easy calving, suitable for heifers

Uppermill Blether (H)

Sire: Newfield Tarquin

Newfield Keepsake Foxglove P

Chapelton Promoter

Dam: Langalbuinoch Zoe (H)

Langalbuinoch Red Rock (H)

ICBF Proof



Bosahan Dynamo 12 SI4653

International ID: SIMGBRM380032600478
Date of Birth: 03/09/2012
  • Dynamo is a huge Milk improver at +15.7kg, 5 Star and top 15% within breed.
  • He is €132 Replacement value and is BDGP eligible
  • Dynamo has sired bulls in Stirling that sold to 15,000 Guineas for Denizes Gallant, bred by the Barlow family, Denizes Herd in Lancashire
  • He is producing females with lots of length and good pelvic development, daughters are super cows to calve 
  • His daughter Denizes Melody 22nd was First in her class and Reserve Champion Heifer at Agri Expo U '16
  • His granny Atlow Petruska was a noted female breeder and bred 10 natural calves
  • He is suitable for pedigree breeding and will cross very well on Limousin, Charolais and native breed cows 







ICBF Proof



Pulham Powerhouse HE5136

International ID: UK227409 300149
Date of Birth: 08/09/2016
  • Powerhouse is a son of the Australian bull Yarram Unique and Clipston Tiara R16 who was Horned Female of the Year in the UK 2015  -  Outcross bloodlines
  • 4% calving difficulty on beef cows
  • 5 Star Replacement €91 
  • Powerhouse has a Milk figure of +8.3kg - 5 Star
  • He was First and Junior Male Champion at the National Hereford Show 2017
  • First and Reserve Male Champion at Bucks Show and First, Male and Reserve Breed Champion at Kington Show
  • He was also judged the best bull call in the 2017 Midlands and East Anglia Herd Competition judged by Malcolm Broome
  • First calves born in the Pulham herd look very promising  -  photos available on request

Sire: Yarram Unique F181

Mawarra Unique C041

Yarram Flossie A096

Dam: Clipston Tiara R16

Auckvale Grandee 943g

Clipston Tiara G27

ICBF Proof

British Friesian

British Friesian

Goonhilly James FR5175

International ID: HOLGBRM387868700919
Date of Birth: 08/09/2016

  • EBI:  €155  British Friesian Elite Sire
  • Has consistently been No1 and No 2 highest ranked British Friesian bull in UK on Genomics for the last 4 years
  • Catlane Chad (CZZ) x Tittenser Hylke  (TIH) x Blackisle Glenalbyn (BCG)
  • Adding Structure, Power, Dark colour and style. Also throwing Red & White calves
  • Excellent udders, teat placement and very good on legs and feet. Breed improver in fertility and health sub indexes.
  • His sire Catlane Chad is producing the best females in the UK for a number of years and James comes from the Sylvia cow family in James Tripconey’s Goonhilly herd in Cornwall
  • Goonhilly Chad Sylvia BFV87 (Full sister to James) produced 6997Kg Milk, 575 kg Milk Solids in her 3rd  in her first lactation in 305 days
  • James will produce cows with good production whilst scoring well for structure, fertility and overall type merit

Sire: Catlane Chad - CZZ



Dam: Goonhilly Hyl Sylvia 2



ICBF Proof

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Fordel Lockdown P827 AA5094

International ID: AANGBRM542511503827
Date of Birth: 11/04/2014
  • Lockdown is a son of the great Stockman 365 from the top American donor cow Champion Hill Lucy 6863 ET
  • Outcross bloodlines. Stockman 365 x SAV Net Worth 4200 x Sitz Traveller 8180
  • He is a proven Aberdeen Angus bull in the UK
  • 5 Star Replacement €136 and 5 Star Terminal €82 
  • Easy Calving 33-38 Kg pure bred calves  
  • Conformation and Easy Fleshing
  • Milk +13.8Kg 5 Star - Top 1% within Angus breed
  • Lockdown is a real breeders bull. He will produce super females with great milk, fertility and easy fleshing whilst also maintaining Angus breed character



Sire: TC Stockman 365

TC Stockman

TC Pride 0014

Dam: Champion Hill Lucy 6863 Et

Sav Net Worth 4200

Champion Hill Lucy 3062

ICBF Proof



Sportsmans Neptune CH5196

International ID: UK183463300464
Date of Birth: 30 Jan 2017

* Semen Royalty Sire

  •  Overall Champion Carlisle May 2018
  •  Son of the 70,000 Guineas Barnsford Ferny
  •  Dam Sportsmans Heartbeat is a daughter of the 45,000 Guineas Maerdy Express
  •  Sportsmans Maisie his 3/4 sister off same cowline was the Supreme Interbreed Champion at the Great Yorkshire show summer 2018
  •  Neptune will produce COWMAKERS! 
  •  Outcross bloodlines for breeders
  •  Mature cows only
  •  Myostatin: F94L-1 Profit Gene
  •  Great structure, power and Charolais characteristics
  •  Trait leader for Milk and weight gain in the UK
  •  5 Star milk +4.7 Kg on ICBF
  •  The bull in the YouTube clip is his maternal grandfather the great Maerdy Express 

Sire: Barnsford Ferny

Balmyle Bollinger

Alwent Broom

Dam: Sportsmans Heartbeat

Maerdy Express

Sportsmans Abigail

ICBF Proof



Monaduff Snorter SI4500

International ID: SIMIRLM251167270369
Date of Birth: 24/01/2005
  •  Snorter is a prolific & consistent breeder of quality cattle
  •  He has had equal success in both Pedigree & Commercial circles
  •  Daughter Tawley Gretta was overall Simmental Champion at Balmoral show in 2016
  •  Half sister to Gretta, Tawley Hanna was purchased by the Corskie herd in England for €10,700 after winning in Tullamore and taking Reserve Champion at All Ireland in Strokestown in 2017
  •  A Commercial half sister reached €6,700 in Ballymote
  •  Snorter heifers have dominated the top commercial Simmental breeding heifer trade in Ballymote in recent years
  •  Photos of progeny available on request

Sire: Monaduff Lord

Brinkton Sovreign

Hillcrest Evita

Dam: Monaduff Mise

Munaduff Jewel

Monaduff Emily

ICBF Proof



Exmoor Galaxy LM5205

International ID: LIMGBRM360688500184
Date of Birth: 08/05/2011
  • Chytodden Conan (Objat) x Wilodge Tonka x Sympa
  • 2.5% calving difficulty - Proven easy calving on dairy cows and beef maiden heifers over a 5 year period
  • €163 Terminal, 5 Stars - 5 Star docility, 5 Star carcass Conformation, 4 Star carcass weight
  • 3 generations of proven AI Sires in pedigree
  • Suitable for beef maiden heifers, suckler cows and dairy cows
  • Galaxy will produce good females as both his sire and grand sire are noted female producers

Sire: Chytodden Conan - S937

Objat - Jaj

Montgomery Ona

Dam: Exmoor Dinky

Wilodge Tonka - Wta

Exmoor Tango

ICBF Proof



Doon Jupiter (RO)(P) SH4929

International ID: MSHIRLM224244220406
Date of Birth: 14/03/17
  • Easy calving bull suitable for Dairy cows, beef maiden heifers and suckler cows
  • Will throw Red and White and Blue Grey calves off Friesian cows
  • 5 Star Replacement €133 and 5 Star Terminal €90 
  • Chapelton Typhoon x Annaly Leo x Moydrumcastle King
  • 5 Star carcass weight, carcass conformation and docility
  • Bull has great lenfth, topline and and spring of rib
  • 5 Star Milk +11.1Kg

Sire: Chapelton Typhoon Et (P)

Cf Varsity X (P)

Blue Ridge Cheerleader 29E

Dam: Moydrum Castle Susie 2Nd

Annaly Leo - Alo

Moydrumcastle Susie

ICBF Proof



Doon Jeremiah (RO) (P) SH4932

International ID: MSHIRLM224244230407
Date of Birth: 21-MAY-2017
  • Super Easy Fleshing Bull
  • Easy Calving
  • Extreemely Docile
  • Good Top Line and Spring of Rib
  • Sprys Exclusive J13 (P) x Lickeen Enda 5th

Sire: Sprys Exclusive J13 (P)

Sprys Exclusive E021 (P)

Sprys Legends Maree G2 (P)

Dam: Bushypark Rosaleen 7Th (Red)

Lickeen Enda 5Th

Bushy Park Rosleen 5Th

ICBF Proof



Balthayock Musketeer S3625

International ID: CHAGBRM542626503511
Date of Birth: 04-MAY-2016
  • Figures Figures Figures
  • Replacement €171  5 Star
  • Terminal €170 5 Star
  • Milk +15.9 Kg, Top 1% within the Charolais breed
  • 7% Calving on Beef Cows
  • Balthayock Impression x Balthayock Valentine x Balthayock Temeirare
  • Musketeer is breeding cattle with great topline and hind end development, great Charolais Characteristics of head and hair plus he's a very easy fleshing bull
  • Outcross genetics
  • Semen Royalty Sire

Sire: Balthayock Impression

Swalesmoor Cracker

Balthayock Unwary

Dam: Balthayock Emily

Balthayock Valentine

Balthayock Bubbles

ICBF Proof



Corrie Alan CZL

International ID: CHAGBRM00MBM0021804
Date of Birth: 27-05-05
  •  Purchased for 19,000 Guineas Perth Oct 2006
  •  He is an outstanding Oldstone Egbert son off a great cowline from Archie MacGregors Allanfauld herd
  •  His top 9 bulls have averaged 11,444 Guineas through Perth & Stirling  
  •  Top price of 16,000 Guineas for Woodpark Flashman
  •  One of his sons the 11,000 Guinea Woodpark Elgin has bred the Overall Charolais Champion in Balmoral 2019, Elgin Nancy
  •  A son of Woodpark Elgin, Elgin Oliver made the third top price of 15,000 Guineas in Stirling this February 2020
  •  7.7% Calving difficulty ICBF Jan 2020
  •  He works best on thick muscely females 
  •  Terminal €133
  •  If you want to inject a bit of Power and style into your herd, Corrie Alan is your bull
  •  He breeds both good female and male cattle, a rarity in todays market 

Sire: Oldstone Egbert S124

Brampton Banker

Oldstone Ursula

Dam: Corrie Lisa

Corrie Highlander

Allanfauld Avril

ICBF Proof


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